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{What happened to Jerry Smith Beads?}

The market just tanked, fewer hobbyist had the disposable income to spend on beads. Fluctuating exchange rates and the rising price of gold and silver made it almost impossible to keep my cost low enough to make a profit.
When I started selling beads in 1999 it was on EBay it was fun, time passed and we grew and it was still fun. But in the last few years it has become less fun. So we decided to call it quits in Jan 2013.

Jerry Smith w/ Guitar
I am still kicking around Florida.


Fast forward to 2016:  I am still getting lots of traffic to a dead site. I had tons of content, so I decided to resurrect the site. I no longer sell beads, but I link my content to other sites that will pay me for the traffic.

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Jerry Smith
120 Windsor Crescent Street
Winter Springs, Fl 32708
Call or Text (317) 537-7942

– Jerry Smith Owner of JSbeads Est. 1999