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Barefoot Sandals

Barefoot Sandals Beaded and Embellished

Barefoot Sandal - Heart Shaped Swarovski 8mm Pearl Foot Jewelry At
Barefoot Sandal – Heart Shaped Swarovski 8mm Pearl Foot Jewelry At

These look like something out of I-Dream-Of-Jeannie. Are you tired of wearing flip-flops? Why not start a trend by wearing beaded barefoot sandals. A barefoot sandal (slave anklet, foot-piece or foot-flower) is jewelry designed to adorn the foot as if wearing fancy sandals with all the comfort of bare feet.

Tammy calls these Bare Foot Sandals, and she says believe it or not, I’ve sold a good number of these down here in Florida. But, I don’t think you have to live in hot weather to enjoy making these cool sandals. In fact, my sister also made a pair of these for a friend of hers who was having a beach wedding in North Carolina. She used silver chain with mother-of-pearl beads and also made matching anklets for the female members of the wedding

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  • More – Bare Foot Sandals – Another step-by-step guide to making “Barefoot Sandals”. These sandals are a fast and fun project that you can complete in about an hour. Then head outside to the pool or beach to show them off!