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Face Shape

These pages are not to set down rules, but to offer general guidelines for designing jewelry that flatters you and your customers!


  1.  Pull hair back and secure with pins or a headband so hair is completely off the face.
  2.  Stand 12″ from a mirror and look straight into it — or have someone take a picture of you facing straight into the camera with your hairline showing.
  3. Outline your face with a marker on the mirror with tracing paper, or on the photo.
  4.  Now look at your face shape in the mirror or photo drawing. Choose the shape that most closely resembles your own. If your face is a combination of shapes, choose styles based on the following criteria, which most flatter your particular shape.

Face Shapes

Now let us combine the information pertaining to height and bone structure with the shape of the face. There are four basic shapes: oval, round, heart-shaped and rectangular. Analyze your face shape, and determine the fashions that will best complement it. Remember to select jewelry that is in proportion to the size of your face.

the Oval Facethe Oval Face
The oval face is considered the perfect shape. The proportions at the forehead are not too wide, and the line from the forehead flows into high cheekbones, then narrows slightly to a rounded chin.

Necklaces – Any shape necklace will work with the oval. A choker looks just as good as opera-length pearls or any necklace that comes to a “V.”

Earrings – Round shapes, button or hoop earrings look well on the oval face, but triangular shapes are especially flattering. Dangling earrings look well, if they are not too long. Earrings that move up the ear or have wings that sweep up minimize a too-thin face or long nose.

Hair – Hair pulled back or worn in an updo shows off the oval face the most. In long styles, a great classic look is a center or side part with hair touching shoulders. The short-layered looks with curls and a close extended nape focus on this oval.

  • FASHION TIP: Wide-open necklines or close-necked collars emphasize the oval face.

faceroundthe Round Face
This shape is round at the cheeks and a has a circular form.There is more of the face near the ears and gradually less curving upward and downward. The goal: to slim your face.

Necklaces – To give a dimension of length, look for long necklaces, 28″ to 32″.

Earrings – Squares, oblongs, rectangles work well as do dangling and angular designs. Elongated styles also go well because they draw attention down instead of around.

Hair – Hair below the chin line should be worn with a face-lengthening center part; for hair above chin line, wear an off-center part to interrupt the roundness. Height at the crown and a bare forehead lengthen and slim the face. It’s best to avoid short and sleeked-back hairstyles. In short-angled styles, you are best seen with hair brushed away from the face, building extra crown height to narrow the roundness of your features. Though bangs shorten the face, you can wear curly, tousled bangs or a soft wispy fringe . Always avoid full, straight-falling bangs. Wear longer styles closer to the face to give length.

  • FASHION TIP: Avoid rounded, scoop necklines. Use vertical clothing lines and v-neck lines to add angles to the roundness.

faceoblongthe Rectangular or Oblong Face
The rectangular face has more length than width and it has distinguishable angles. The width of the face at the forehead is the same as the chin. This face needs jewelry that adds width and camouflages the length of the face.

Necklaces – A high choker reduces the length of the face, particularly if the neck is too long. In addition, a 16″ or 18″ necklace that ends in a “U” flatters this face.facepear

Hair – Hairstyles should add width and fullness to the sides of the face and around the eyes, cheekbones and ears. This shape benefits from a low side part, with a sweep of hair brushed across the forehead and secured with a comb. The look of volume with an asymmetric flow of hair to one side widens your face and reduces length. Straight-falling bangs or bangs blended with the sides of your hair, shorten the overall face length. Your best hair length reaches to the middle of the neck. Favor volume with curly or wavy styles that are very becoming, giving you the illusion of balanced width. Wide curly bob styles are ideal for this shape.

  • CLOTHING TIP: Avoid long V-necked and vertical lines at the neckline. Use high necklines to shorten the length of the face.
  • MAKEUP TIP: To shorten the face a bit, use darker foundation, powder or blusher to darken the chin.

faceheartthe Heart-Shaped Face
This face is wide at the forehead and cheeks, and then narrows sharply to a point at the chin. Think of this face as a triangle. It likes jewelry that adds width to the chin to draw the eye away from the point.

Necklaces – A choker necklace is a favorite style because it softens and diminishes the sharp angle of the chin.
Earrings – Look for earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top. Dangling earrings that form a triangle are especially flattering.

Hair – The goal: diminish forehead width and create a wider, fuller jaw effect. Soft bangs flatter this shape, whether curly or smoother. Or wear a side part with soft three-quarter bangs swept over one side to balance your forehead width. The styles should be fuller at the jaw line. Upswept at the sides and off the forehead further emphasize your feminine appeal . A medium length to mid-neck is your best look. Fullness at the bottom, with hair directed forward onto the cheeks gives you the appearance of a wide chin. The soft layered bob styles are ideal. Or if you prefer, curls or loose waves, shaped from the ears down, add width and fullness to your chin.

  • CLOTHING TIP: Use V-neck and “Sweetheart” neck lines to repeat and emphasize the heart shape.
  • MAKEUP TIP: Highlight the temples if you are not wearing bangs to broaden the forehead.